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Cryostar pumps

Authorized service partner of the Cryostar pump systems

As an authorized Cryostar service partner, we possess significant expertise and years of experience regarding the various pumping systems from the manufacturer. Cryostar products are used worldwide. The key features of these pumping systems include high performance combined with high availability. Distribution and sales of the cryogenic pumping systems are handled directly by the manufacturer.

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Competent and flexible service for Cryostar pump systems

WEHN Kryoplus GmbH supports long-term on-site operations for our customers with competent and flexible service. Like the manufacturer itself, we prioritize high availability in all our services. This commitment extends to the extent that in the case of Total damage to your pumping systems, we are even capable of providing you with a replacement pump. Our core business in the field of Cryostar pumps includes the following areas:

Cryostar maintenance work and spare parts

Ensuring high availability of pumping systems relies on understanding the required maintenance work. We have extensive experience in this area and provide our customers with numerous value-added services. We are knowledgeable about procurement lead times and can estimate how long a part will last. An important service in this context is the supply of spare parts. Through tailored concepts, we ensure the availability of pumping systems even during challenging supply situations.

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