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Stationary process pumps

Modern, effective and reliable

Our process pumps are modern, efficient, and reliable. The high quality of our pumping systems guarantees high availability. Regular maintenance work on the pumping systems is a prerequisite for long-term trouble-free operation, safeguarding our customers' investments.

If, however, a pumping system were to fail, we stand by our customers with value-added services. In such cases, on-site replacement pumps are readily available and installed by us during the repair period. This ensures the availability of the pumping system while pumps, pumping components, and drive machinery are being serviced by us.

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Stocking of spare parts for process pumps

If our customers desire, we stock important spare parts for process pumps individually and exclusively for their benefit, in order to prevent supply shortages. If this approach seems sensible for our customers, we provide them with relevant guidance. We think ahead and have our customers' interests firmly in mind. This applies to availability as well as the current challenging situation in the spare parts market for pumping systems.

Frequently asked questions about stationary process pumps

What are stationary process pumps?

Stationary process pumps refer to pumps that are permanently installed at a specific location. They are not located on a vehicle. The counterparts to stationary process pumps are mobile pumping systems, also known as distribution pumps.

What added value do process pumps from WEHN offer?

Surrounding our modern and high-quality pumping systems, we have developed a comprehensive network of value-added services to provide our customers with the best possible service. Our goal is to ensure that our pumping systems are always ready for operation and that downtime is avoided. Our value-added services focus on the entire system:

  • Removal of the pump from a facility
  • Transport to our workshop
  • Repair/Maintenance (pumps, drive components, accessories)
  • Return transport
  • Installation in the facility

In urgent cases, our customers benefit from our express transport. The name says it all: In these cases, we assign a driver for direct transportation. Your pump is then transported directly to our workshop without detours.

Which technologies does WEHN use?

We have years of experience and extensive expertise in the fields of repair and maintenance. Our experts carry out the work in well-equipped workshops. Additionally, we offer our customers comprehensive manufacturer training.

What documentation and certificates are offered?

For our pumping systems, we provide not only inspection and checklist documents but also dedicated cleaning records. Upon customer request, we are happy to provide you with these documents.

How does an inquiry process work through to the finished pump?

We strive to make the inquiry process as uncomplicated as possible for our customers. Typically, the process unfolds as follows: Our customers get in touch with us and describe any issues they are experiencing. Based on this information, we provide a quotation. Following the customer's approval, we discuss the scheduling and check the availability of parts. Subsequently, we carry out the repair or maintenance work to the desired extent.

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