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LNG – liquified natural gas

LNG stands for Liquified Natural Gas. Natural gas is cooled down to -162°C, which turns it into a liquid state. This process achieves an extremely high energy density while occupying a much smaller volume – LNG takes up only about one-six-hundredth of the volume of gaseous natural gas.

For this reason, LNG has gained importance as an energy source in transportation and storage.

LNG is used as an alternative fuel for commercial vehicles compared to diesel. A truck powered by LNG emits up to 25% less CO₂ than a comparable diesel-powered vehicle, effectively contributing to reducing the emissions of your vehicle fleet. We have expertise, experience, and solutions in the construction and equipment of LNG-powered commercial vehicles.

Do you transport LNG? We are happy to support you in equipping your trailer and towing vehicle. As specialists in the transfer systems of cryogenic liquefied gases, we have the right control system for every application in our portfolio.

Together with our partners, we offer you comprehensive aftersales service. Whether it's maintenance and repair work on the transfer technology of your fleet or stationary facilities, we are your competent contact.

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