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Quality and durability have always been fundamental characteristics of our products. The emphasis on these aspects is becoming increasingly important now and in the future. A focus on the entire product lifecycle is a critical and ecological as well as economic consideration.

Longevity and repairability conserve resources and reduce costs.

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Concrete examples of sustainability from our product range:

  • Our drive systems are designed for a lifespan of two or more vehicle cycles. This ensures extremely long service times without compromising system availability.
  • The hydraulic oil in our high-performance hydraulic systems is not replaced during a typical vehicle operational cycle. High-quality filtration and special design and production measures make this saving possible.
  • Modern control technology with extensive expertise in vehicle integration and innovative technical solutions contribute to energy efficiency. Various features in our control systems support fuel savings.
  • Extensive repair possibilities help find the optimal solution economically while conserving resources.
  • Retrofitting equipment and system assemblies is a resource-efficient and sustainable approach to use existing equipment at a technically current level for the long term and reliably.

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