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Technologies for cryogenic pumping systems

With intelligent solutions, we strive for increased efficiency. To further expand our innovation potential in the future, we are intensely engaged in the development of new application areas. To achieve the best possible results, we collaborate closely with capable partners.

The goal is to advance and develop new promising and sustainable technologies until they are market-ready. International markets value our technologies, not least because of their high functionality. The development of interface-based vehicle controls is a resource-intensive process that requires a mix of experience and expertise.

Competence in control system engineering

Traditionally, we have a wealth of experience and profound knowledge in the field of control system engineering for mobile applications. This expertise makes us a respected technology partner. Particularly, the electronic integration for controlling commercial vehicles using CAN buses is one of our core competencies. We have a strong reputation, especially when it comes to controlling auxiliary functions like engine start and stop.

Drive technology

We gained experience in the integration of bodywork and vehicle control when it was still entirely new in the field of vehicle bodywork. We have continuously evolved this experience. The ever-changing requirements with each new generation of vehicles are our standards, for which we have solutions or are developing them.

Drive solutions amid the ever-evolving developments in the commercial vehicle industry have always been a natural part of our expertise.

The future with alternative drives and energy sources will be exciting and challenging. We are well-prepared for it!

Control technology

Control technology for mobile work machines has been an integral part of our company since its inception. We possess expert knowledge in this field, which our customers benefit from in the long term.

In-house development of components and control system software enables us to successfully implement a wide range of requirements in our products and projects.

This is how we envision control technology: modular, interconnected, intelligent, and future-proof.

Solutions for mobile applications

We are closely connected to pump technology for cryogenic gases. However, due to their design, our products can be used in various areas where similar requirements and tasks need to be addressed.

Since we employ a modular design approach, we can also solve different challenges and adapt to new functions.

Feel free to reach out to us so that we can use our expertise to find a solution for your specific requirements.

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