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Electric pumping systems

Our electric pumping systems control the transfer process of cryogenic gases using a directly driven electric centrifugal pump. We utilize frequency converter systems to enable operation at variable speeds.

Power supply can be achieved through a powerful mains connection or a generator system in the towing vehicle. This makes the system particularly suitable for use in sensitive environments, such as delivering to medical facilities or noise-sensitive areas.

Depending on the medium, the desired pump pressure is achieved, covering a wide range of applications. Pump and drive systems are operated via interconnected control units, ensuring complete vehicle integration. This allows comfortable operation of the entire system from the pump control unit and the integration of additional special equipment, such as immobiliser.

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Advantages of our electric pump systems

  • Our systems come in various versions as we continuously develop them to meet our customers' requirements and align with current technical standards and developments.
  • Energy-efficient operation of the systems is another criterion alongside safety and compliance with legal requirements.

We provide the right system for your needs

The ECPS4-LT system is a compact, high-performance standard system equipped with everything necessary for an efficient transfer process.
The addition of optional features allows customization to meet various customer requirements.

The ECPS4-XT system offers extended functionality. The design allows us to integrate your individual requirements regarding special and safety functions. The modular structure of the system enables expanding its scope to meet various needs (e.g., filling PermaCyl small containers).

Both systems achieve the same pump performance. However, differences exist at a functional level.

We would be pleased to guide you in configuring the solution that suits you best! This also includes a properly sized cryopump, which we are happy to offer as well.

Features of the electric pumping systems

Technology and equipment

  • Capacities up to 37 kW
  • Performance and pressure levels can be parameterized for configurable media in the control system
  • Cold run monitoring for protection of cryopump and seals
  • Load control with status display on the user interface
  • User control box and main control cabinet in high-quality stainless steel design
  • Compact design, suitable for small installation spaces
  • Fully enclosed control cabinet with external ventilation, isolated from the interior -> no damage from moisture ingress, suitable for outdoor installation
  • Frequency converter with Cold Plate cooling system, additionally equipped with an external, mobile-ready fan for heat dissipation on the heat sink
  • Compact user control box with powerful mobile control, mobile-ready color display, and robust controls, which seamlessly integrate technically and visually into modern control cabinets


  • Intuitive, menu-guided operation primarily using graphical symbols
  • Selection of power supply source (mains or generator) before pump start directly from the user control box
  • Remote start and stop of the diesel engine, as well as engagement and disengagement of the auxiliary drive of the towing vehicle, possible from the user control box
  • Status and fault messages, as well as system load, are clearly visualized on the graphical color display
  • Integrated fault memory assists in quickly identifying and resolving potential causes of issues during servicing

Safety and additional functionality

  • Presence monitoring/dead man's switch, optionally available as a wired manual control unit in various versions or wirelessly as a radio dead man's switch
  • Integration with quantity measuring devices, remote maintenance options possible
  • Special equipment available for additional functions such as immobiliser, control cabinet lighting, automated valve operation, etc.

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