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Hydraulic pumping systems

When high pressures and very high flow rates are required simultaneously, a hydraulic pumping system is the most efficient and powerful solution.

In this application, the cryopump is hydraulically driven. The energy for this is provided by a high-performance unit in the towing vehicle. The hydraulic pumping system offers great versatility in terms of various pressure ranges and flow rates.

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Advantages of our hydraulic transfer systems

  • We offer two systems, both of which are very robust, durable, and therefore highly available.
  • Excellent controllability, considering physical limits such as the pump characteristic curve, allows optimal adaptation to various requirements. Intuitive operation and service-friendliness are further advantages of the systems.
  • Ensuring that the system operates within defined limits at all times during operation is a particularly important aspect in various usage scenarios.
  • This enhances system efficiency while saving fuel simultaneously.
  • Due to these characteristics, a wide range of applications can be reliably covered.

We offer the suitable system for your requirements

The Hydroment-3 System is an evolution of a standard system that has been used by various customers for many years. The current development stage of the system takes into account new safety aspects, modern device technology, and adapts its dimensions to the shrinking space conditions in modern control cabinets. The system offers various expansion possibilities.

The HYcontrol 4 system offers even more user comfort and functionality with a larger touch display.
In particular, various control modes are available. Performance limits can also be adjusted. This is based on powerful controllers and the distribution of computing power. The system's modular device architecture is designed for current and future expansions. These can include extensive sensor or actuator expansions, as well as special modules for data acquisition or interfaces to external systems.

Extensive automation requirements are also achievable with this system.

Features of hydraulic pumping systems

  • Various functions and expansion possibilities
  • Intuitive concept and clear user guidance
  • Comprehensive safety package with various additional options
  • Customizable to current and future requirements

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