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Spare parts for pumping systems

High Availability for Pump Systems and Drive Technology

For a long time, the availability of spare parts for your pump systems was taken for granted. However, in light of the expanding supply chain issues worldwide, this has fundamentally changed. When it comes to spare parts inventory, we have always pursued a long-term strategy and preferred comprehensive spare parts stocking. This strategic inventory management pays off and guarantees you the shortest procurement lead times in the future as well.

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Storage for your pump systems at WEHN

In this context, it's not surprising that our customers have always benefited from the inventory of our warehouse. This was true in the past and remains valid today, even in the face of global supply difficulties. The most important spare parts for pump systems are constantly available with us. In addition to stocking many specialty parts (sometimes under specific storage conditions), our warehouse has pump seals and valve components.

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In addition, we have a comprehensive range of spare and wear parts for Sefco pumps (WEHN Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH). The same applies to the spare parts situation for Cryostar pumps (WEHN Kryoplus GmbH). In practice, all of this ensures that we can provide fast service in an emergency. Furthermore, we have a special offer for our regular customers: We offer our loyal customers the opportunity to individually stock parts of pump systems. These parts are exclusively available to the respective company and stored with us.


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