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Drive technology for electric pumping systems

To operate an electric transfer system that is not only intended or feasible for grid operation, a generator system is required in the towing vehicle. This allows the transfer process using an electric transfer system even when a customer power outlet with sufficient capacity is not available.

For this purpose, our EPT4 (Electric Power Train 4) drive system is designed. This unit is optimized for the maximum power of the electric motors used and is built for long-lasting performance.

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Electric drive EPT4 unit - Electric Power Train 4

Electric drive EPT4 unit - Electric Power Train 4

Technology and Equipment

  • Generator (55/65kVA), suitable for mobile use
  • The system's control is configurable and CAN-enabled, making it adaptable to customer requirements and vehicles from different manufacturers
  • All mechanical console components are made of stainless steel or aluminum
  • All electrical fuses of the system are integrated into the control
  • Vehicle-specific frame cover and drive shaft protection


  • Customer-specific specifications such as voltage/frequency (400V 50Hz 63A, 460V 60Hz 63A) can be flexibly implemented or optionally realized
  • Various control and display options for the driver's cabin and control panel are possible

Safety and Additional Functionality

  • Two-stage insulation monitoring with pre-warning and shutdown in case of insulation faults to protect operators and comply with legal regulations
  • Overcurrent and short-circuit detection through protective devices
  • Requirements from standards such as IEC 60364-7-717, DIN VDE 0100-717 (2005) Electrical Installations in Vehicles or Transportable Units and DIN VDE 0100-551 (VDE 0100-551), IEC 60364-5-551 Low-voltage Power Generating Sets (Mobile Power Generators) are met
  • Optional feature available for advanced reduction of condensate in the unit

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