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Vehicle technology services

Various transportation systems are used to economically and efficiently deliver liquefied gases to customers. Performance, availability, and safety are the foundation for cost-effective delivery.

Our experienced team is capable of ensuring your successful logistics.

The goal is to minimize downtime through flexibility in maintenance and service.

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 Maintenance and repair

Maintenance and repair

Spare Parts Distribution

We reliably supply you with spare parts from the following areas:

  • Hydraulic drive and transfer systems
  • Electric drive and transfer systems
  • Control technology for transfer and drive systems
  • Diverse accessories for transfer and drive systems in and on commercial vehicles


Special transport solutions require special service when it comes to initial commissioning or re-commissioning:

  • Heating and drying containers with nitrogen

Our transfer systems are highly available and designed for 24/7 operation. They require minimal maintenance. However, if an unplanned failure does occur, our competent and flexible service team is at your disposal.

We have the expertise and experience to perform service on the entire system: from the drive to the transfer system to cryogenic components. Of course, we also work on transfer systems from other manufacturers.

  • Moisture analysis of containers using a mobile measuring unit
  • Powerful vacuum pump for vacuum testing and renewal on cryogenic containers
  • Initial commissioning of cryogenic transfer systems and containers, including initial filling, cooling with liquid nitrogen, or other media
  • Inspection of safety devices
  • Initial instructions/training for operators
  • Documentation

Hydrogen Quantity Measurement

We offer customized service packages for your hydrogen transport vehicles in the field of quantity measurement systems. For example, we replace measurement systems on customer vehicles that need testing to ensure maximum availability.

You get the entire process, including logistics, from a single source – fully organized and documented.

Frequently asked questions about services vehicle technology

What is a transfer system?

In our industry, a transfer system refers to a pumping system used for delivering and filling customer tanks. Typically, the transfer system is installed on a tanker truck or in a tank container. This allows the transfer of liquid gas from the transport container into a stationary customer tank.

In addition to the pump, a transfer system includes a high-performance control system and optional safety and auxiliary systems.

What is the residual moisture analysis needed for?

To ensure the quality of the liquid gas according to the application, it is essential to prevent specific moisture limit values from being exceeded in the transport container and the pipeline system. The use of transfer hoses, connection adapters, or maintenance and repair work can introduce ambient air into the pipeline system or the tank container, leading to moisture entering the system. To remove this moisture from the system, the container and the pipeline system are purged with heated gas (purging process).

A special, highly accurate measuring device is used to measure and document the residual moisture during this process.

How is the tank container insulated?

The tanks for cryogenically liquefied gases are vacuum-insulated, double-walled containers. The materials used are tailored to the extremely low temperatures and chemical properties.

To maintain insulation, the tanks are regularly inspected, and the vacuum between the inner and outer containers is renewed. This requires a high-capacity vacuum pump. The achieved final values are measured and documented.


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