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Drive technology by WEHN

Only with drive technology that's optimally tailored to your transfer system can you extract the maximum performance and efficiency from your equipment. Benefit from our extensive expertise in this field!

Whether it's an electric or hydraulic drive variant, we have the ideal solution for your application.

As we provide not only the design, development, and production but also the service for transfer systems and drive technology, we know exactly what stresses and strains the systems face in daily practical use. This experience, along with the sustainability factor, has been consistently incorporated into the development of our aggregates for many years – they're designed for high availability and long lifespan, and with proper maintenance, they can be used over multiple vehicle cycles. The modular design of the aggregates allows for adaptation to a new vehicle when changing vehicles. The use of high-quality components ensures the high availability and durability of the aggregates.

Through the intelligent networking of the transfer system and vehicle, the highest level of safety and energy efficiency is achieved. Flexible adjustment options enhance the investment security and future viability of our systems.

Frequently asked questions about drive technology

How does an electronically controlled hydraulic variable displacement pump work?

Our HPT system is a hydraulic high-performance drive system that operates in a closed loop. Unlike a conventional hydraulic system, the returning oil is immediately re-sucked into the engine and compressed into the high-pressure circuit. This results in a very high efficiency. The required amount of oil is precisely adjusted to the power requirements of the hydraulic motor through an electronically-hydraulic control. As a result, the machine operates much more efficiently than a comparable conventional hydraulic system – less fuel consumption for higher performance. Another advantage is the low oil volume of the system. Due to the optimized design, a high level of durability can be achieved.

What maintenance work is required depending on the drive system?

The HPT system features a special oil management system with a double electronically monitored filter system, a specific oil tank, and an efficient thermal management system. This enables the system to operate for approximately 4-5 years under high-frequency use without requiring an oil change. This saves time, money, and valuable resources. Regular maintenance is needed for the thermally stressed drive shaft between the vehicle gearbox and hydraulic pump. Due to the high power gear drive, proper bearing lubrication is essential to achieve maximum lifespan.

In general, the electric transfer system is maintenance-free. However, we still recommend regular system checks to ensure maximum availability.

What is the difference between variable displacement pumps and constant pumps?

A constant pump delivers a defined amount of oil as a result of its design, depending on the drive speed of the pump. A change in the oil quantity is achieved by changing the diesel engine speed. This pump is particularly suitable for applications with medium to high continuous delivery capacity.

In the case of a variable displacement pump, it is an axial piston pump, whose flow rate is adjustable independent of the drive speed. As a result, the unit can be operated within the optimal and most efficient diesel speed range. Through the electronic control of the variable displacement pump, maximum performance with particularly energy-efficient operation is possible. Together with the intelligent control of our drive system, the variable displacement pump offers the highest levels of safety and availability.

Which combinations of drive system and transfer system are possible?

Depending on the availability of the energy source, a distinction is made between electrically and hydraulically driven systems.

Electric systems:

EPT4 Stand Alone:
The EPT4 drive unit is suitable for supplying external components with 400V/50Hz (or 460V/60Hz) in standalone operation.

ECPS4-LT/XT Stand Alone:
The electric transfer system ECPS4-LT/XT can be used with the energy from a powerful mains connection.

EPT4 in Combination with ECPS4-LT:
The combination of the electric drive unit EPT4 with the transfer system ECPS4-LT forms our high-performance standard system with everything necessary for an efficient transfer process.

EPT4 in Combination with ECPS4-XT:
The ECPS4-XT, along with the EPT4 drive unit, offers extended functionality and an expanded range of applications for your demanding needs.

Hydraulic systems

HYB-LT Stand Alone
The compact constant pump system has a moderate, continuous delivery capacity, making it suitable for various application areas (e.g., for CO₂ transfer systems).

HYB-XT in Combination with Hydroment-3
This constant pump system achieves a high, continuous delivery capacity and, in combination with our transfer system Hydroment-3, ensures a safe and efficient transfer process.

HPT in Combination with Hydroment-3 or HYcontrol 4
The combination of our high-performance HPT system with electronically controlled variable displacement pump and our transfer systems Hydroment-3 or HYcontrol 4 is both efficient and powerful.

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