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The market leader Cryostar relies on the expertise and experience of Wehn kryoplus in service and spare parts distribution. This has resulted in a successful and long-standing partnership.

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We understand the significance of a process pump in your facilities and the value it represents. Maintenance and service in this area must be precise – technical expertise is just as crucial as additional services and the planning and coordination of necessary steps. Trust in our competence, whether it's for planned maintenance or during an unexpected issue. You can rely on us to efficiently and flexibly organize and execute operations for both scheduled maintenance and emergencies.

We are more than willing to advise and support you in establishing a sensible strategy for your spare parts management. Minimizing downtime is a fundamental measure in this regard.

Frequently asked questions about Cryostar cryopumps

What is a distribution pump?

Pumps used for customer deliveries are collectively referred to as distribution pumps. Centrifugal pumps are often installed in tanker trucks or tank containers for this purpose. These vehicles deliver the liquefied gas to the customer.

What is the property of a distribution pump?

To efficiently and quickly transfer liquefied gas during customer deliveries, powerful transfer systems are employed. A crucial component in this regard is the precisely designed distribution pump, which, in conjunction with the control system, aims to meet all requirements such as performance, availability, and safety. A tailored design allows for a wide range of applications.

What is a process pump?

In our context, fixed installed pumps (stationary operation) are referred to as process pumps. The range of applications can vary significantly, including steel production and processing, glass processing, food industry, medical applications, and more.

What are the characteristics of a process pump?

The purpose of use determines which type of pump is employed and how the pump is designed. Pump performance varies within a wide range. Centrifugal pumps are used for high flow rates and low to moderate pressures, while piston pumps, such as those used for filling gas cylinders, are employed for very high pressures.


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