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Sefco Pumps

Official service partner of Sefco pump systems

As the official Service Partner of the manufacturer Sefco, WEHN Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH is also responsible for the distribution of cryogenic pumping systems. Furthermore, we are the primary point of contact for all inquiries regarding the pumping systems from the Swiss manufacturer. Sefco is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic pumping systems. The company has established a strong market position for transporting cryogenic liquefied gases, thanks to its high product quality, the robustness of its systems, and their high availability.

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Sale, repair and maintenance of Sefco pumping systems

As a distribution and service partner, we support cryogenic pumping systems not only in sales but also in repair and maintenance work:

  • Maintenance and service of centrifugal pumps for:
    • Mobile applications
    • Stationary applications
  • Maintenance and service for piston pumps
  • Maintenance and service for drive machinery, crank drive, and gearboxes
  • Maintenance and service for additional components
  • Spare parts distribution

Sefco spare parts

Crucial for high availability of system components is proactive planning and a good understanding of the lifecycle of individual parts. Due to our knowledge of the required maintenance work on Sefco pumping systems, we have many spare parts in stock before any issues arise for you. When it comes to supplying spare parts, we offer our customers numerous value-added services. Through customized inventory concepts, we ensure the availability of pumping system components remains high even during challenging supply situations.

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